Chunky Blues — 11 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Book 6 - Datum Tables

Table of Abbreviations

heading shortcutopposite
north "N"south
northeast "ne"southwest
northwest "nw"southeast
east "E"west
southeast "se"northwest
south "S"north
southwest "sw"northeast
west "W"east
up "U"down
down "D"up
inside "I"outside
outside "O"inside

Table of Chunks

component listresulting chunksynopsis
{broken glass, the cry of a hungry baby}--"Could a baby have fallen through a plate glass window? It would have to be thrown pretty hard to break through... You can probably discount that possibility."
{broken glass, cocktails}--"You wonder if the shards of broken glass might be the remains of one of these cocktail glasses. It's certainly possible, but you don't really have enough information to conclude anything."
{broken glass, notch}--"A shard of broken glass seems a fairly likely possibility as the tool used to carve that notch in the tree. But why, and by whom?"
{cry of a hungry baby, fact about elephants}--"Baby elephant walk? No, that can't be right..."
{cry of a hungry baby, vomit}--"Babies do vomit a lot... but you can't see how that information would be useful right now."
{dateline, current day}Long Blackout"Though you know it to be Friday, March 9, the newspaper was dated Saturday, March 10. You must have been passed out for longer than you thought..."
{Long Blackout, engagement ring}--"Could you have gotten engaged during your unaccounted for time? There's no corresponding ring on your finger, so you can probably rule that out."
{Long Blackout, cocktails}--"You have a belly for whiskey. To black out for longer than a day would require more cocktails than you could afford. There may be other factors at play here."
{note, photograph}Velvita Meeting"Could the 'V' who wrote you a note be Velvita, the missing girl?"
{engagement ring, photograph}--"That's Velvita's ring! There's not a doubt in your mind."
{engagement ring, vomit}Cannibalism"Your blood runs cold as you consider the possible implications of having found a woman's jewelry in your own vomit."
{Cannibalism, photograph}--"You didn't find any of Velvita's other accessories or body parts in your vomit. Maybe you're barking up the wrong tree here."
{Cannibalism, Velvita Meeting}--"Did you meet with Velvita at her request and then kill and eat her? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense."
{Hamburger sandwich, hobo}Hungry Hungry Hobo"[ponderance of hungry hungry hobo]"
{Cannibalism, Hamburger sandwich}--"Inside's & Outside's Hamburger sandwiches are PEOPLE![paragraph break]On second thought, there's no evidence to support that. It was exciting for a moment, though."
{Hamburger sandwich, vomit}--"Could the vomit have been the remains of a Hamburger sandwich? You can't rule out the possibility, but whatever it was, it's now past the point of identifiability."
{your address, your name}--"Your name is Mr. Readjustment, and Mr. Readjustment's address is Bleakton Arms Apartments #146. Therefore, by the transitive property, your address is Bleakton Arms Apartments #146. Q.E.D."
{eviction notice, Velvephante}Elephante Involvement"[ponderance of elephante involvement]"
{fact about elephants, Timothy Elephante}--"Although Timothy Elephante is not an actual elephant, his name is quite similar to the word. Could you perhaps have attempted to remember something about Elephante and ended up remembering elephants instead? Something to consider."
{cry of a hungry baby, hobo}--"The hobo was once a tiny, adorable baby. Now he's a wide-awake nightmare. Sad, really. The only thing that's remained constant is the hunger."
{Cannibalism, hobo}--"That hobo certainly is hungry. Hungry enough, you wonder, to eat human flesh?![paragraph break]Of course, even if he were, that wouldn't explain how [the ring] ended up in YOUR stomach, so never mind."
{cat, hobo}--"If you're thinking what I think you're thinking, you are a terrible person. Stop it."
{bar, Velvita Meeting}--"If you were going to meet Velvita after her show, the bar would be an obvious place for that meeting to happen."
{Velvita Meeting, Long Blackout}--"You met with Velvita and then promptly blacked out for a long time. You begin to suspect that Velvita herself may have had something to do with your blackout."

Rule for printing the name of a direction (called the way) while constructing the status line:

choose row with a heading of the way in the Table of Abbreviations;

say "[shortcut entry]".

[Table of Amusing Matter

title subtable description toggle

"Things" a table name "Blah blah blah" a rule

Rule for amusing a victorious player:

now the current menu is the Table of Amusing Matter;

now the current menu title is "Things to Try";

carry out the displaying activity;

clear the screen.]