Chunky Blues — 54 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Book 1 - Timothy Elephante

Timothy Elephante is a man in Dehydrated Walrus. "Timothy Elephante is at the bar." The description of Timothy Elephante is "A charismatic man in a white suit. He projects an air of suave confidence that isn't quite entirely convincing." The white suit is clothing worn by Timothy Elephante. There is an idea called Velvephante. The ponderance of Velvephante is "Timothy Elephante is the wealthy gadabout who owns half of Bleakton. He's also purported to have been carrying on a relationship with Velvita Dandyfoppe, whom he gave a job singing at his club, the Dehydrated Walrus."

elephante-hello, elephante-wheres-velvita, elephante-show-ring, elephante-eviction, elephante-cut-the-crap, elephante-who-are-you, elephante-orly, and elephante-goodbye are chat nodes.

Instead of talking to Timothy Elephante:

say "'Can we make this quick? I'm a busy man,' he says, leaning casually against the bar and taking a sip from his highball.";

run a conversation from elephante-hello instead;

Carry out preparing elephante-cut-the-crap: instead do nothing;

Carry out preparing elephante-show-ring: instead do nothing;

Report giving text for elephante-hello:

do nothing instead;

Carry out finding responses to elephante-hello:

if Elephante Involvement is not listed in STM and Velvephante is not listed in STM and Velvephante is not listed in LTM and eviction notice is not familiar:

link to elephante-who-are-you;


link to elephante-wheres-velvita;

if Elephante Involvement is listed in STM, link to elephante-cut-the-crap;

if the player carries the engagement ring, link to elephante-show-ring;

if the eviction notice is familiar, link to elephante-eviction;

link to elephante-goodbye;

Report giving link to elephante-who-are-you:

say "Who are you?" instead;

Report giving link to elephante-wheres-velvita:

say "What do you know about Velvita Dandyfoppe's disappearance?" instead;

Report giving link to elephante-orly:

say "Oh really? Because the word on the street is you two are pretty hot and heavy." instead;

Report giving link to elephante-show-ring:

say "Does THIS jog your memory? (Show him [the engagement ring].)" instead;

Report giving link to elephante-eviction:

say "This eviction business: can't we talk about it?" instead;

Report giving link to elephante-cut-the-crap:

say "Cut the crap. I know you're involved in this." instead;

Report giving link to elephante-goodbye:

say "Never mind." instead;

Report giving text for elephante-wheres-velvita:

say "'Very little, I'm afraid. Miss Dandyfoppe is one of the most talented performers I've had the pleasure of employing, but her personal affairs are her own. I can only tell you that I pray for her safe return, not only for the sake of the considerable revenue she generates for the Walrus, but as a friend.'";

activate elephante-cut-the-crap;

activate elephante-show-ring;

link to elephante-orly;

run a conversation from elephante-hello instead;

Report giving text for elephante-orly:

say "He chuckles softly. 'Well, people do love to gossip. All I can say is don't believe everything you hear.'";

run a conversation from elephante-hello instead;

Report giving text for elephante-show-ring:

say "At the sight of [the ring], Elephante appears shaken for just an instant before regaining his composure. 'Nice ring,' he says. 'Could do with a rinse, maybe. At any rate, it's nothing to do with me. Now if you don't mind, I have work to do. Goons?'[paragraph break]'No, thank you,' you reply, before sheepishly realizing that he was addressing the pair of hired goons who are now forcibly ejecting you from the club.";

move the player to Dehydrated Walrus exterior instead;

Report giving text for elephante-eviction:

say "'You owe me a lot of money. We can talk about it after you've paid.'" instead;

Report giving text for elephante-cut-the-crap:

say "Elephante shrugs. 'Prove it,' he says.[paragraph break]'Oh, I will. Just you wait,' you reply, 'just you wait until the full version of this game comes out!' You turn and wink at the camera as everything freezes and the following text appears before you:";

end the story saying "To be continued..." instead;

Report giving text for elephante-who-are-you:

say "'If you don't even know who I am, what business could you possibly have with me? Buzz off before I have you ejected.'" instead;

Report giving text for elephante-goodbye:

say "'Yeah, get out of here.'" instead;