Chunky Blues — 52 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Book 11 - Bleakton Arms hallway

The description of Bleakton Arms hallway is "This dark hallway is decorated, if one may call it such, with drab maroon [wallpaper] covered in the greasy [fingerprints] of the residents. Numbered doors line the walls as far as the eye can see, though the only one with any relevance to you is number 146, to the south. You can also go out to the courtyard."

The description of the wallpaper is "There is a dim impression of a floral print that, with the combination of the dim lighting and the dirt on the walls, is now barely visible." Understand "floral" or "print" or "flowers" as the wallpaper.

The description of the fingerprints is "Left there by sailors up against walls with prostitutes, no doubt."

The door to apartment 146 is a door. The door to apartment 146 is south of Bleakton Arms hallway. The numbered doors are locked openable containers in Bleakton Arms hallway. The numbered doors are scenery. Before opening numbered doors, say "You can't just go breaking into other people's apartments!" instead. The description of the door to apartment 146 is "The door is padlocked[if the notice is in hallway] and has a notice stuck to it[end if]." Understand "146" or "door to 146" or "door 146" or "146 door" as the door to apartment 146.

The door to apartment 146 is locked. The eviction notice is a small notable thing in Bleakton Arms hallway. "[An item described] is posted on [the door to apartment 146]." The printed name of the eviction notice is "[if known]eviction [end if]notice".

The description of the eviction notice is "'TENANT IN POSSESSION: Mr. Readjustments[line break]LEASED PREMISES: Bleakton Arms Apartments, Apt. 146 , Bleakton, MA 02169[paragraph break]To: Tenants Listed Above and All Persons Now in Possession of the Leased Premises,[paragraph break]Your rent being in arrears, you are hereby notified to quit and deliver up in FOURTEEN (14) days from your receipt of this notice the above described premises now held by you as my tenant. The amount of rent owed by you is: $27,831.02 . If you fail to vacate, legal action shall be commenced to evict you.[paragraph break]Signed, Timothy Elephante'". The ponderance of the eviction notice is "According to the eviction notice, you were evicted from Bleakton Arms #146 for failing to pay $27,831.02 in rent. The notice was signed Timothy Elephante."

After examining the eviction notice:

complete objective "find home";

initiate objective "find shelter";

continue the action;

After reacting the eviction notice with Velvephante:

initiate objective "find elephante";

continue the action;