Chunky Blues — 51 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Book 10 - Bleakton Arms

Chapter 1 - Scenery

The description of Bleakton Arms courtyard is "The imposing figure of Bleakton Arms Apartments towers overhead. Flanking the entrance are two enormous sculptures of burly human arms, crossed in defiance to the heavens.[paragraph break]A book store lies north from here; to the west is Bleakton Common; to the south, a disused railyard."

The sculptures are scenery in the courtyard.

Understand "arms" or "guns" or "pythons" or "bronze" as the sculptures.

The description of the sculptures is "These are arms that could be described as 'guns.' These pythons could take a man's head off. Fortunately, they can't, because they're just inanimate chunks of bronze."

The entrance is scenery in the courtyard. The entrance is a closed opaque openable container. [I don't want to deal with making it a door but I need it to be openable so I can block opening it. Fix this later.]

Understand "door" as the entrance.

The description of the entrance is "It's just an ordinary door, but it's made more imposing by the presence of the giant arm sculptures and a doorman who takes his job seriously."

Instead of opening the entrance, run a conversation from doorman-excuse-me-sir.

Before going inside from the courtyard:

say "The doorman stops you.";

run a conversation from doorman-excuse-me-sir instead.

The doorman is a man in the courtyard. "A doorman stands at attention outside the entrance." The doorman's hat is a hat worn by the doorman. The description of the doorman is "Though he's not exactly a physically imposing, he has a certain commanding presence, leaving little doubt that in this tiny corner of the world, he is the supreme ruler."

doorman-excuse-me-sir, doorman-yes-i-do, and doorman-i-dont-know are chat nodes.

Instead of asking or telling or talking to the doorman, run a conversation from doorman-excuse-me-sir.

Instead of showing or giving anything to the doorman, run a conversation from doorman-excuse-me-sir.

Carry out finding responses to doorman-excuse-me-sir:

if your address is listed in LTM, link to doorman-yes-i-do;

link to doorman-i-dont-know;

Report giving text for doorman-excuse-me-sir:

say "'Excuse me, sir? Do you live here?'" instead;

Report giving link to doorman-i-dont-know:

say "...I don't know!" instead;

Report giving link to doorman-yes-i-do:

say "Of course I do. (Show him your business card.)" instead;

Report giving text for doorman-i-dont-know:

say "'Well, if you figure it out, then maybe I'll let you in.'";

stop the action;

Report giving text for doorman-yes-i-do:

say "'Terribly sorry, sir, go right ahead.'";

move the player to Bleakton Arms hallway instead;