Chunky Blues — 50 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Book 9 - Railyard

The description of the railyard is "Once a bustling center of transport, economic woes have turned this railyard into a place where trains and dreams go to die. Empty, disused [freight cars] are scattered [one of]hither and yon[or]from hell to breakfast[at random] and have become bases of operation for those who are down on their luck. You've heard the expression 'the wrong side of the [tracks],' but this is literally the end of the line.[paragraph break]North leads toward [if courtyard is visited]Bleakton Arms[else]an apartment building[end if]; the area is surrounded on all other sides by a maze of freight cars whence, if entered, you would likely never return."

The freight cars and the tracks are scenery in the railyard. The description of the freight cars is "These mobile storage containers often serve as a home for transients, although these don't appear to have moved in a while."

The bindle is a closed opaque openable container in the railyard. "The hobo's bindle is leaning against a freight car." The description of the bindle is "A simple stick with a piece of checkered fabric tied to the end[if anything is in the bindle], bulging with hidden treasures[end if]."

A girlie magazine is a kind of book. Eight girlie magazines are in the bindle. The description of a girlie magazine is "Pure, unadulterated filth! (The best kind.)" Understand "girly magazine/mag" or "porno magazine/mag" or "pornography" or "porn" or "porn magazine/mag" as a girlie magazine.

Before doing anything to the bindle in the presence of the hobo:

if the action requires a touchable noun, say "The hobo obstructs the bindle with his body. 'Please leave it be,' he says. 'That's everything I have in the world.'" instead;

Before opening or closing the bindle when the player does not carry the bindle:

try taking the bindle;

Instead of opening the bindle while the bindle is closed:

say "You untie the bindle[if anything is in the bindle], revealing [contents of the bindle][end if].";

now the bindle is open;

Instead of closing the bindle while the bindle is open:

say "You tie the fabric to the stick[if anything is in the bindle] around [the contents of the bindle][end if].";

now the bindle is closed;