Chunky Blues — 48 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Book 7 - The Dehydrated Walrus

Dehydrated Walrus is indoors. The description of Dehydrated Walrus is "A dimly lit, upscale-looking club. Patrons are seated at candlelit tables, sipping [cocktails]. The prominent [stage] on the far wall is curiously empty, the only entertainment being the quiet noodling of an unseen piano. Near the [bar] is a [fire exit]."

The patrons are people in Dehydrated Walrus. The patrons are scenery. The patrons carry things called cocktails. The cocktail tables are scenery in Dehydrated Walrus. The description of the cocktail tables is "Each modest round table includes a classy dark tablecloth and a candle." Understand "tablecloth" or "candle" or "candles" as the cocktail tables. The description of the patrons is "The patrons are thoroughly unremarkable." Understand "cocktail" as the cocktails.

The stage is scenery in Dehydrated Walrus. The stage is a supporter. The description of the stage is "The stage is a simple semicircular platform with a [curtain] behind. No one is performing on it."

The curtain is scenery in Dehydrated Walrus. The description of the curtain is "A heavy red curtain."

The bar is scenery in Dehydrated Walrus.

The description of the bar is "A wide variety of ales and liquors are on display, but the bartender is nowhere to be seen." Understand "ales" and "liquors" as the bar.

The fire exit is east from Dehydrated Walrus and west from blind alley. The description of the fire exit is "[if in the blind alley]It's just a solid slab of metal with the words 'EXIT ONLY' painted on it. There doesn't appear to be any way of opening it from the outside.[else]A red door with the phrase 'EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY' painted across it." The fire exit is a door and scenery. The fire exit is closed. Understand "door" or "emergency exit" as the fire exit. Instead of opening the fire exit when in the blind alley, say "It can only be opened from the inside.";

After anyone opening the fire exit:

the fire exit closes in 1 turn from now;

continue the action.

At the time when the fire exit closes:

now the fire exit is closed;

if the fire exit is visible, say "The fire exit slams shut.";