Chunky Blues — 46 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Chapter 2 - People

The businessman is a man in Dodgson Street. "[A item described] stands here, smoking [a pipe]." The businessman wears a suit. The tie is clothing worn by the businessman. The bowler hat is a hat worn by the businessman. The monocle and the moustache are clothing worn by the businessman. The description of the businessman is "A man in a suit, tie, and bowler hat, sporting a ginger moustache and monocle and looking very important.". Understand "man" as the businessman.

Instead of throwing anything at the businessman:

say "'I say!' he says, moustache bristling. 'Are you challenging me to fisticuffs? Come over here and fight me like a man!'";

now the noun is in the location of the businessman;

The businessman carries a pipe. Instead of taking anything when the noun is carried by the businessman or the noun is worn by the businessman, say "[The businessman] shoves you aside. 'Beat it!'[line break]"

Instead of attacking the businessman:

say "You lunge for [the item described], but he dodges swiftly and you miss by a mile. When you turn around, you run face-first into his fist as he drops you with one punch.[paragraph break]When you regain consciousness, [the item described] is nowhere to be seen.";

remove the businessman from play;

Instead of talking to the businessman, say "[one of][The item described] takes one look at you and turns away with a sneer[or]He's aggressively ignoring you[stopping].";

After offending the businessman:

say "[The businessman] turns up his nose in disgust."