Chunky Blues — 45 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Book 5 - Dodgson Street

Chapter 1 - Descriptions

After going to Dodgson Street for the first time:

say "At last, you emerge from the alley into the bustling metropolis of Bleakton proper.";

continue the action.

The description of Dodgson Street is "[first time]Ah, you're starting to get your bearings. [only]This is Dodgson Street, on the edge of the financial district. The streets are lined with narrow red brick [buildings], home to all manner of bankers, accountants, taxmen, and other unpleasant characters. To the west is [a club], where, one presumes, they congregate to relax after a hard day of moving decimal points around. A small alley leads north behind the club. A book store is to the east, and across the street to the south, the [foliage] of [Bleakton Common] is apparent.";

Some buildings are scenery in Dodgson Street. The description of the buildings is "The buildings all look pretty much the same: brick, two storeys, steps up to the front doors, and plaques embossed with names like '[one of]Dewey, Eatem, & Howe[or]Breckon & Bindburn[at random].'"; Understand "brick/bricks/storey/storeys/steps/door/doors/plaque/plaques/building" as the buildings while in Dodgson Street. Instead of entering the buildings, say "You don't need any financial advice at the moment."

Instead of going inside when the location is Dodgson Street, try entering the buildings.

The swanky club is a backdrop. The club is in Dodgson Street and Dehydrated Walrus exterior. The club originates in Dehydrated Walrus exterior. The description of the club is "The club is painted purple and features a prominent sign made of neon-filled lighting tubes bent into the shape of a walrus begging for water." The foliage is a backdrop. The foliage is in Dodgson Street and Bleakton Common. The foliage originates in Bleakton Common.

A thing called the alley is a backdrop in Dodgson Street. The alley originates in Dodgson Street. The description of the alley is "[The item described] is narrow and dark and looks like a good place to be taken to have horrible things done to you by a drunken bank manager."