Chunky Blues — 43 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Section 4 - The Ring

An engagement ring is a notable wearable undescribed small thing in the vomit. The printed name of the engagement ring is "[if identified]Velvita's[else]engagement[end if] ring". Understand "object" or "sparkly object" or "sparkly" or "sparkles" as the engagement ring. The description is "A gold engagement ring, encrusted with diamonds[if dirty] and vomit[end if].[unless the player is wearing the ring] In a calligraphic font around the inside of the ring is an inscription reading 'Put it back on.'[end if]";

After examining the engagement ring, note the engagement ring.

The engagement ring can be identified or unidentified. The engagement ring is unidentified. Understand the identified property as referring to the ring. Understand "Velvita's" as identified.

The engagement ring can be clean or dirty. The engagement ring is dirty.

Instead of rubbing the ring when the ring is dirty:

say "You wipe the remaining vomit off [the ring].";

now the ring is clean;

Instead of eating the ring:

say "Not again!";

record "rust monster" as achieved.