Chunky Blues — 41 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Section 2 - The Newspaper

[A wrinkled newspaper is in the pile of garbage. The description of the wrinkled newspaper is "This newspaper appears to have been around the block a couple of times. The headline reads 'Prohibition amendment ratified.' The dateline reads Thursday, March 8, 1928." [After examining the wrinkled newspaper for the first time, note the wrinkled newspaper.]]

A newspaper is a thing in the pile of garbage. The description of the newspaper is "This newspaper looks as though it's hot off the presses. The dateline reads Saturday, March 10, 1928. Plastered across the front page is a photograph of a stunningly beautiful woman under the headline 'VIVACIOUS VIXEN VANISHES!' The accompanying article has been rendered illegible by garbage, but you can just about make out a caption underneath the photograph." Understand "paper/headline" as the newspaper.

After examining the newspaper:

note the dateline;

The dateline is a notable unfamiliar part of the newspaper. The printed name of the dateline is "newspaper dateline". The description of the dateline is "Saturday, March 10, 1928." The ponderance of the dateline is "The newspaper you found was printed on Saturday, March 10, 1928[if the current day is listed in STM]. Something about this doesn't seem to jibe with the facts as you know them[end if]." Understand "newspaper dateline" as the dateline.

The photograph is an unfamiliar part of the newspaper. The description of the photograph is "The photograph depicts what can only be described as a blonde bombshell seated at a table in a club, talking to a man whose face is not visible. She's wearing a not-particularly-modest cocktail dress[if the jewelry is familiar], an eye-catching diamond ring,[end if] and an assortment of [if the jewelry is familiar]other [end if]sparkling jewelry and has a long cigarette holder in her right hand.[paragraph break]Beneath the photograph is the caption, 'Velvita Dandyfoppe, seen here mere hours before her mysterious disappearance. Anyone with information about Miss Dandyfoppe's current whereabouts should contact the police immediately.'" Understand "photo/picture/woman/vixen/caption/bombshell/blonde/vivacious/dress/cleavage" as the photograph.

After examining the photograph:

now velvita is familiar;

now the printed name of the photograph is "photograph of Velvita Dandyfoppe";

note the photograph;

now the jewelry is seen;

The article is a part of the newspaper. The description of the article is "The article has been smeared beyond legibility with filth."

The jewelry is an unfamiliar part of the photograph. The description of the jewelry is "[Velvita] is festooned with dazzling decorations, the most striking of which is a [if the engagement ring is known]familiar-looking[else]distinctive[end if] diamond ring."

[After reacting the newspaper dateline with the current day:

if the wrinkled newspaper is listed in STM:

whisper "You discard the memory of the wrinkled newspaper, as you now know it was out of date.";

forget wrinkled newspaper;

confirm Long Blackout Theory;

continue the action.]

[After reacting the newspaper dateline with the wrinkled newspaper:

forget the wrinkled newspaper.]