Chunky Blues — 39 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Chapter 2 - Objects

The trash can is a closed openable not enterable unwieldy container in the alley. "A foul smell emanates from a trash can in the corner."

The description of the trash can is "A standard issue, garden variety aluminium garbage can. Its odor is unpleasant.";

Instead of smelling the trash can, say "Upon closer investigation, the foul smell is still foul."

The banana peel is a small thing in the trash can. The ponderance of the banana peel is "What's the deal, banana peel?" The description of the banana peel is "Brown with the occasional speck of yellow. The banana it once contained is long gone."

Instead of searching the trash can when nothing is in the trash can, say "Just rubbish. There doesn't appear to be anything useful."

Instead of pushing or pulling the trash can, say "There's more than enough garbage in the alley as it is."

Understand "bin/wastebin" or "garbage can" or "rubbish bin" or "lid" or "can lid" or "trash can lid" as the trash can.

Instead of smelling in the presence of the trash can, say "The [italic type]eau de garbage[roman type] assaults your nose buds."