Chunky Blues — 38 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Book 4 - The Blind Alley

Chapter 1 - Descriptions

The description of the blind alley is "Dirty grey [walls] surround you on three sides. [if the sun is out]The alley is shrouded in shadows cast by the [vague description of the time of day] sun[else]The alley is dark apart from a flickering yellow [streetlight] above your head[end if][if the player is hung over], but even that amount of light feels like a screwdriver being jammed into your brain[end if]. You hear the scurrying of [rats] and from [if Dodgson Street is visited]Dodgson S[else]the s[end if]treet to the south, the din of the city. In the western wall is a fire exit[if fire exit is open] leading into [the Dehydrated Walrus][else] with no visible means of opening it[end if]."

Instead of listening when in the blind alley, say "[if the player is hung over]Through the constant throbbing in your head, you can just make out[else]You hear[end if] the intermittent buzz of the streetlight and the scurrying of rats.";

The walls, the rats, the rooftops, the din, the shadows, and the streetlight are scenery in the blind alley.

The description of the walls is "Ugly grey stucco with the phrase 'POST NO BILLS' painted on it."

The description of the rats is "You can't see any rats; you can only hear them in the walls[if the player is hung over]. Is it just you or are they shuffling too loudly?[else].[end if]";

The description of the streetlight is "[if the sun is out]The streetlight is not currently emitting any light.[else]The incandescent lamp appears to be in need of servicing. Its light flickers at seeming randomly intervals and is quite dim even at its strongest. It will suffice for reading, but just barely." Understand "light" or "lamp" as the streetlight.

The city is a backdrop in the blind alley. The description of the city is "You can't see much from here." Instead of entering the city, try going south. Understand "street" as the city.

A pile of garbage is an enterable unopenable transparent fixed in place container in the alley. The pile of garbage is scenery. Understand "get out of pile/garbage" as exiting.

The screwdriver is scenery in the blind alley.

Before doing anything with the screwdriver:

say "There isn't really a screwdriver. It was just a simile." instead;

record "literal-minded" as achieved;