Chunky Blues — 37 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Book 3 - Bleakton Common

The description of Bleakton Common is "Historic Bleakton Common. It's very historic and very common, but frankly there's not a lot here. An eatery lies to the west, and to the east is an apartment building."

The oak tree is fixed in place in Bleakton Common. "A mighty oak tree grows here." The description of the oak tree is "Someone has carved an odd notch into the bark of the tree." The notch is a part of the oak tree. Understand "bark" as the tree. The description of the notch is "It's only a vertical line cut into the tree, but clearly not a natural formation. Its purpose is unclear."

The fountain is a container in Bleakton Common. The fountain is not portable, enterable, transparent, open, and not openable. "At the center of the Common is a fountain." The description of the fountain is "At the top of the fountain is a [raven bust], spewing water for some reason." The raven bust is a part of the fountain. The description of the raven bust is "The raven appears to be vomiting everywhere, suggesting that his famous quote 'Nevermore' might be in response being asked when he will drink again." The three coins are a plural-named thing in the fountain. Understand "water" as the fountain. The description of the three coins is "They appear to be pennies."

Instead of taking the coins:

say "You fish the coins out of the fountain and add them to your funds.";

increase the wealth of the cash by $0.03;

remove the coins from play;