Chunky Blues — 35 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Volume 5 - Locations

Book 1 - Overview

The blind alley is a room.

Dodgson Street is south from Blind Alley.

Bleakton Common is south from Dodgson Street.

Dehydrated Walrus exterior is west from Dodgson Street.

A room called the Dehydrated Walrus is inside from Dehydrated Walrus exterior. The Dehydrated Walrus is indoors.

The book store is east from Dodgson Street. The book store is indoors.

[Waltsmouth River N is south from the book store and east from Bleakton Common.

Waltsmouth River S is south from Waltsmouth River N and east from octopus store.

Lowe's Spirits is east from Waltsmouth River N.]

The Burger Shoppe is west from Bleakton Common.

The printed name of the Burger Shoppe is "Inside's and Outside's Hamburger Sandwicherie".

[Bleakton Arms courtyard is north from Lowe's Spirits. Railyard is north from courtyard.]

Bleakton Arms courtyard is south from the book store and east from Bleakton Common.

Railyard is south from courtyard.

Bleakton Arms hallway is inside from courtyard. Bleakton Arms hallway is indoors.

[White Elephant Hills Hotel is west from octopus store.]

The ground is a backdrop. The ground is everywhere. Understand "floor" as the ground.

The sky is a backdrop. The sky is everywhere. The description of the sky is "It's [vague description of time of day]." Instead of examining the sky while the player is in an indoors room, say "You see only the ceiling[if a random chance of 1 in 10 succeeds]. Nice stucco[end if]." After examining the sky, record "SETI" as achieved.