Chunky Blues — 34 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Book 4 - Theories

There is speculation called the Long Blackout. The long blackout is theory. The printed name of the long blackout is "Long Blackout [if hypothesis]Hypothesis[else if theory]Theory[end if]". The ponderance is "Given that you found a newspaper printed on a date more recent than the last day you remember, you can conclude that you were unconscious for at least a full day.[paragraph break]This strikes you as quite odd. You've been known to enjoy a drink now and then, certainly, and yes, you've had the occasional lapse of control of your faculties as a result, but blacking out for at least twenty-four hours and waking up in an alley with no memory of what happened seems a bit extreme, even for you."