Chunky Blues — 32 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Book 2 - Facts

A fact about elephants is a familiar fact.

The ponderance of the fact about elephants is "[one of]Generally one of an elephant's tusks will be shorter than the other. This is because the elephant will use it more often for things. Just like people are either right- or left-handed, it is believed that these animals rely upon a dominant tusk.[or]Elephants are incapable of jumping.[sticky random]". Understand "elephant/elephants/pachyderm/pachyderms" or "fact about pachyderms/elephant/pachyderm" or "elephant/pachyderm/elephants/pachyderms fact" as the fact about elephants.

President is a familiar fact.

The printed name of President is "who the President is".

The ponderance of President is "Calvin Coolidge."

There is a familiar fact called current day.

The printed name of the current day is "what day it is".

Understand "what day it is" or "today" or "today's date" as the current day.

The ponderance of the current day is "Yesterday was Thursday. Today is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards."

Some shards of broken glass are a familiar memory. The ponderance of the shards of broken glass is "A brief image of broken glass skitters across the surface of your memory. You concentrate on assembling the pieces back together and see the faint image of an unbroken pint glass and a logo. The logo almost presents itself, but it dissolves as quickly as it came. You need more clues to jog this memory.";

There is a familiar memory called the cry of a hungry baby. The ponderance of the cry of a hungry baby is "A small child wails for sustenance... a bastard child, perhaps. When and where did you hear this? And why has it wormed its way into your thoughts?";

There is a familiar fact called your name.

The ponderance of your name is "Your name is Mr. Readjustment. You're sure of that much." Understand "my name" as your name.

There is a fact called your address.

The ponderance of your address is "Bleakton Arms Apartments #146." Understand "readjustment's address" or "mr readjustment's/readjustment address" or "mister readjustment's/readjustment address" or "my address" as your address.