Chunky Blues — 13 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Book 8 - Fancy Status (for Glulx only)

Rule for constructing the status line:

fill status bar with Table of Fancy Status;

rule succeeds.

Rule for constructing the status line when game on is false:

do nothing.

Table of User Styles (continued)

style namejustificationobliquityindentationfirst-line indentationboldnessfixed widthrelative sizeglulx color

Table of Common Color Values (continued)

glulx color valueassigned number
g-bright-cyan39423[== $0099FF]
g-peach15645627[== $EEBBBB]
g-pure-blue255[== $0000FF]
g-pure-green65280[== $00FF00]
g-pure-cyan65535[== $00FFFF]
g-pure-yellow16776960[== $FFFF00]
g-pure-magenta16711935[== $FF00FF]
g-pure-red16711680[== $FF0000]
g-dark-red11141120[== $AA0000]

Table of Fancy Status

" [the player's surroundings][mini exit list]""[afflictions]""ST:[if (number of entries in STM times 100) divided by STM capacity is greater than 90][bold type][end if][number of entries in STM]/[STM capacity][roman type] LT:[number of entries in LTM]"