Chunky Blues — 2 of 59

Scott Hammack and Jessamin Yu

Release 2

Volume 1 - Initialization

Book 1 - Release Info

The story genre is "Mystery".

The release number is 2.

ChangeLog is text that varies. ChangeLog is

"2011.07.19. Release 2[line break]

Added: Many new responses for plausible chunking attempts.[line break]

Fixed: Bouncer now properly locks the door when he goes inside.[line break]

Fixed: 'No text' error when saying goodbye to Elephante.[line break]

Fixed: A rogue quotation mark in Outside's dialogue.[line break]

Changed: Upon learning the address, it is now chunked with the name automatically, the thinking being that the player character should not have to learn his own name (even though the player should).[line break]

Changed: Hamburger now gets put in memory after being bought or examined, in case you didn't get the memory from the menu.[line break]

Changed: No longer necessary for things to be in memory to attempt to chunk them, as long as they're familiar. If this doesn't catastrophically break everything, it should allow for a much wider variety of false chunks.[line break]

Changed: Shortened introductory text; removed requirement to press any key a bunch of times.[line break]

Changed: Improved synonyms and item descriptions to try to minimize 'You can't see any such thing.'[line break]

Added: Response to the player trying to forget something manually.[line break]

Added: Spoiler warning on the release notes menu item.[line break]

Added: Story description metadata.[line break]

[paragraph break]

2011.07.02. Release 1[line break]

Added: Release notes section.[line break]

Added: Bleakton Arms Courtyard's room description now lists exits.[line break]

Added: Several synonyms/alternate spellings for girlie magazines.[line break]

Added: Several new achievements.[line break]

Fixed: Cats are not velociraptors; they should not be able to open doors.[line break]

Fixed: The cat lied about the direction whence he was arriving.[line break]

Fixed: The order in which the player specified chunks sometimes mattered .[line break]

Fixed: Some room descriptions listed incorrect exits due to last-minute map reshuffling.[line break]

Fixed: Fire exit will now close after a turn regardless of who opened it.[line break]

Fixed: People in containers now count toward the number of people in a location.[line break]

Changed: Girlie magazines no longer confer bonuses upon completion.[line break]

Changed: Removed wristwatch.[paragraph break]

2011.07.01. Release 0[line break]

Initial IntroComp release."

The story creation year is 2011.

The story headline is "A Triumph of the Human Spirit".

The story description is "After a night on the town goes wrong, self-proclaimed ace private investigator Mr. Readjustment must use his keen observational skills and flawless logic to unravel a web of intrigue whilst harnessing the mysterious psychological power of 'chunking.'"

Release along with cover art, a website, interpreter, the source text, and library card.

The notify score changes rule is not listed in the turn sequence rulebook.

Use memory economy.